Friday, June 5, 2009

Costume #2: Maroon and Tan


"Caretaker Part II"

"Eye of the Needle"

"State of Flux"


"Learning Curve"



"Cold Fire"




This is the second costume worn by Kes. I call this the "Maroon and Tan" due to it's overall appearance but in reality the blouse is maroon, the outer smock is tan and, the jumpsuit is actually pumpkin. Please forgive the white reflective highlight on the arms and legs. This happens when shooting spandex with a flash and it's the only way to get the colors to pop correctly. I shot this 4 times and ultimately I believe it should be done outside in indirect light.

There were two versions of this seen in the first through third seasons of "Voyager". The first incarnation had a high neck on the maroon taffeta blouse and short sleeves on the jumpsuit.

The second had a short neck on the blouse and long sleeves on the jumpsuit. The outer tan piece stayed the same in both styles. This second version is the one pictured above and will be the focus of this post.

And now - On To The Autopsy!

Here are 6 views as it sits fully assembled. The wrap around outer layer is one of the most complicated things I have ever seen on a piece of clothing. It attaches in 3 separate places and each one has to be exact in it's positioning or the whole thing goes out of whack. It took me 2 hours to get it perfect the first time and now after this shoot I can do it in about 2 minutes.

The first order of business is to remove the strap that wraps around to the front from it's catch. When this is done it falls behind and to the left side, exposing the 3 catches that attach the smock under the left arm. After removing these three, the back piece falls to the right and exposes the final set of 3 catches that hold the inside edge in place. When these are removed the whole thing falls off the right shoulder.

Pretty extensive wrap as you can see at the left in the photo above.

Now we are down to the maroon undershirt which has a satin band around the waist. This zips up the back and has the customary "double-hook" and "tucked-zipper" combo.

The shoes were not present with the costume as most were reportedly destroyed rather than match them up to their respective costumes. I have replacements and will add that info when it happens.

Please feel free to email with any comments on what I may have missed or points you would like to see covered next time.

Stay tuned, there will be a LOT more to come.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you taking the time to document your collection of Kes' costumes. I'm glad that this kind of memorabilia in personal collections is showcased for all to see.

  2. This is awesome! I'm a HUGE Kes fan. I have been since Voyager premiered in 1995. I was in love with Kes! Thank you so much for showing us the in and outs of Kes's costumes. It's very interesting, and informative. I'm looking forward to more coverage of The Costumes of Kes. Great job.