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Costume #5: Orange and Beige



"Ex Post Facto"

"Heroes and Demons"




This is the fifth costume worn by Kes. I acquired this at the very end of the IAW auctions through a private deal with them directly. When I picked it up I was very surprised to see that it came with three of the over-vests but only one shirt and jumpsuit. There is a company that makes it their business to cut up one of a kind costumes and any other they can get their hands on, glue the tiny piece of fabric to a trading card and sell them off. They claim to have one of these costumes but from what I have seen they only have an undershirt and not the over-vest or jumpsuit. Bad enough but not the end of the world.

The costume was seen a handful of times but is definitely one of the best. Super colorful and vibrant even in person.


Here is the standard 4 view layup showing all sides. This costume differs in one way from the rest in that the jumpsuit has feet sewn in. The rest of her costumes that I have seen have a standard cuff with an elastic band that went under the boot between the heel and sole. This pulls the cuff over the top of the boot and keeps it there. Most shoes worn by her had a two inch heel and high sides like a low cut boot but the ones for this costume had very low sides so that's probably why they elected to have the jumpsuit go inside.

There is also a square that has been cut out of the top of the left foot. Maybe for a color sample or maybe a comfort issue of some sort. The soles of both are very dirty and the left one is worn through at the heel. This jumpsuit definitely saw a ton of use.

Here is a look at the tag inside of the over-vest.

Each over-vest I received was marked as #1, #2 or #3. One of them had pins in it to be altered and a costumers hang tag that read, "Not this one, hangs funny" which I believe refers to the way the zipper bunched up at the bottom.

Costumers hang tag, no idea where the other jumpsuit is or why the undershirt isn't listed.

Outer vest removed to reveal beige undershirt with spandex midsection for a tight fit.

A look at the tag inside of the shirt and jumpsuit. 
NOTE: This is actually an important part of collecting. The actors name should be written inside of the costume, otherwise it may have been used by a stand-in for lighting tests or stunts etc. To have the lead actors's name inside the garment is the best way to be sure it was a hero piece. 

Inside the shirt you can clearly see makeup left over from production.

That's all for this one. Thanks again for putting up with the wait.                                                                                                                          

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