Saturday, July 5, 2014

Costume #1: Brown


"Caretaker Part 2"

This is the first costume worn by the character Kes and was seen during Neelix's negotiation to have her released. She appears from around a corner with a black eye and bloody lip, having spent much time as a slave to the Kazon.

The costume looks olive green in the screen capture above (thanks to Trekcore for the image) but the component's colors are actually more of a brown and beige. The scene is very saturated to give the look of a harsh environment. You can see the true colors more clearly in the next frame when they are on the ship although her leggings look gray now - which isn't the case in person.

She quickly looses the black eye and changes into the Ruby and Tan outfit for most of the episode and that's the last we see of this tattered costume.


Here is a 4 view picture of the costume fully assembled. Pretty simple but it has been weathered, ripped and distressed to show a fair amount of age but still has the look of the Ocompa/Kes style.

This costume was not layered together in the same way that her other costumes are. In other cases, the outer layer is usually sturdy and thicker with the light taffeta undershirt over a jumpsuit. Here they chose to put the fragile undershirt on top and the thicker layer under it. I guess it makes it look more worn. 

The top fragile layer removed to expose the second layer.

The very thick jumpsuit, much like the one on her purple costume. It's almost like neoprene and heavy. The knees have been thoroughly worked over.

Here we see the tag of the second layer. Her name is written again on another tag inside the jumpsuit. We can also see another color change from this angle and that the second layer has a "spice" pattern to it. The overall color is produced by a brownish color with black flecks. This fabric is also used on the "Ruby and Tan" under suit in a slightly more vibrant color.
So that wraps up the Pilot episode costume, hope you enjoyed it.

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